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The Hit Drop Cafe: Coffee Cake (The Love Lives of Saints)


It was four sleeps before the jolly fat man fooled the burglar alarms and committed home invasions via the chimney.  Then, laughing hysterically, he always fled to the North Pole, running the radar speed traps and with the police patrol cars in hot pursuit.  Always they failed, and their long list of questions about sliding down chimneys and about too much Christmas cheer remained unanswered.  It seemed as if it would take nothing short of a surface-to-air missile to bring down the crazed sleigh in the sky.

Four sleeps remained before the welfare of reindeers once more topped the list of Animal Liberation.  But who was counting?  All the children and the child-like were; and they were galvanizing into their best behaviour and switching on their early to bed mode.  The entire commercial world was also counting down, releasing their plague of TV mosquitoes to gleefully inject a highly infectious buying fervour.  A fever to send harassed shoppers into a shoving frenzy that would last until after the post-Christmas cut-price sales.

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Hail, hail to the newborn king
Let our voices sing him our praises
Hail, hail to the guiding light
That brought us tonight to our savior

Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia
Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia

Come now, there it shines so bright
To the knowing light of the stable
Lean close to the child so dear
Cast aside your fear and the thankful


Light of the Stable written by Steve and Elizabeth Rhymer, performed by Emmylou Harris


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Christ Does Not Have To Be In Christmas (Poem by Rakuli)


A week before Christmas in a house by the sea
A group are enjoying the season
Some came for religion, some came for peace
All in attendance have reasons

Rabbis and priests, christians and jews
Share laughter and wine with agnostics
Muslims and hindus, zen buddhists too
Have water; the eggnog is caustic

Atheists, druids, shamans and leaders
Play poker, while sipping on whisky
Pagans stand back and scull cups of mead
As betting begins to get risky

There are catholic gays, one monk is trans-gender
There are priestesses bi, pan and straight
Some have come sober, some for the bender
But not one of them holds any hate

If any looked up and had mind to inquire
There would not be two mindsets the same
But they are all happy and have no desire
So continue enjoying the games

To the house by the sea comes one wandering soul
It has a religion and preference
It sees all who play and then starts to scold
Believing that there should be deference

“You can’t mingle with jews, be both catholic and gay.
Pagans and druids? You’re warring.
We don’t all have Christmas, it’s not right to say it
Your use of that word is abhorrent.

“We shouldn’t be forced to honour a date
That doesn’t match all our beliefs
I refuse to go on or to celebrate
Until my beliefs get some relief.”

“Oh wandering soul, you don’t understand,”
All in the house say in unison
“We just respect the beliefs of our friends
And think arguing is a touch ignorant.”

“I don’t understand, you still call it Christmas,”
The wandering soul says, bemused
“That’s just the most used name, but I’m all forgiveness,”
A rabbi chimes, quite amused

“So you don’t mind that your holy days
Are lost in the minds of the masses?”
A druid stands up to kindly say
“If it’s not lost in my mind, it’s no matter.”

The wandering soul looks at all of the faces
Not one even nearly the same
Belief to the side, they had come from far places
“May— may I join in your games?”

A week before Christmas, or Hanukkah or Solstice
In a small house that sits near the sea
Assembled dear friends who believed that justice
Was achieved by just letting be 


Copyright 2013 by Luke Dingle, aka Rakuli

Image: Bluwi

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Light comes up on the timberline

From the sun stirring in the eastern sky

The calm and coolness of the morning time

Shimmering down the trees to my eyes

Eternal years on the golden stream

Time stands still for a moment in my mind

On the timberline, on the timberline

The mystic mood of a winter’s dream

With the stars like jewels shining in the midnight sky

A thousand million in the endless stream

Each one beckoning me to fly

To a true land on the golden shore

With a healing and a power to redeem

In a winter’s dream, in a winter’s dream

In a winter’s dream you can see it all

Stars are shimmering, life is lingering

"From eternity you cannot fall,"

I said back to you as I recall

In a winter’s dream, in a winter’s dream

Light comes up on the timberline

On the timberline

On the timberline


Ann says: I’ve been a fan of Christian actor and musician Bill Kaffenberger since his first CD was released in 2007. His music can be purchased here.  I love the way this song reveals something most of humanity shares— a vision of the divine in nature.

Says Bill: The Song In a Winter’s Dream is one of my favorites.  One night myself and two other musicians were driving back from Harrisonburg to Richmond, Virginia through the mountains on an extremely dark and cold winter night.  We stopped on the highest overlook near the peak that we could find.  It was a clear night, every star was visible well beyond what could be seen on a normal evening.  We were all overwhelmed by the power and beauty of God’s creation, so much so that after a time we were overcome with emotion and simply could not look any longer.  On reflection during this holiday season, I see the light from the stars as symbolic of Jesus Christ, Son of God, the true light that came into the world to save a lost humanity (see The Gospel of John, Chapter 1).  It was an awesome experience that I cannot even begin to adequately describe in the course of one short song.  Over thirty years since I still vividly remember it.”

(P) and (C) 2008 William Kaffenberger Jr/Loving Kindness Music BMI.


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While It Snows (Poem by Guy Western)


I pick berries while it snows.
This is a sad time.
And my dreams are of a season
when these streets will run
with nothing but packs of feral dogs
trying to rebuild the instincts they had
before we packed all the whales into cans.
This is a sad time.
But the berries I pick while it snows
Are the sweetest of the whole year.

Copyright 2013 by Guy Western.


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I fly sometimes 
Through the frozen trees 
In the winter woods 
In their robes of white 
Chanting silently 
In the winter woods 

Like a forest abbey choir 
Whispering hymns of snow and ice 
In Excelsis to the cold 
And Hosanna to the sky 

And holy trees 
They know when I’m 
In the winter woods 
And they bid me to sing 
And I comply 
In the winter woods 

But I stumble in my turn 
Because I cannot find the words 
In that church of birch and pine 
The only word that comes to mind 
Is “beautiful” 

Like a forest abbey choir 
Whispering hymns of snow and ice 
In Excelsis to the cold 
And Hosanna to the sky 

So quietly 
I sing “beautiful” in the winter woods 
And the trees agree 
They all agree 
In the winter woods 
We all agree 
In the winter woods 



(Snowy Forest Wallpaper from  Winter Woods written and performed by Peter Mayer).

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