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Towards a New Theology and a Truce Over Evolution

A Sermon to the World’s Religious Leaders

A Story We All Know: The Hero’s Journey

Lily Yeh’s Mandala Journey

Restoring the Garden of Eden

The Remarkable Death of Annie Chase

Unconditional Love and a Modern-Day Saint

Aung San Suu Kyi, Peaceful Daughter of a Revolution

Thich Nhat Hahn, Christian Buddhist

The Great Turning, a Spiritual Revolution

The Great Turning in Action (by Gerry Wass)

Losing Your Religion, Finding Your Spirituality

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Four Spiritual Types (Supplement)


Tips for Commenting on Literature

A Zen Master and a Word Surfer: The Writing of James Ciriaco and Tommy Tsnumai

Surrealism: Speaking the Language of Dreams

Parallel Universes: Winner of the Surreal Circus Flash Fiction Contest

Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Writing of Corinna Parr and Barbary Chaapel

Yin and Yang: The Modern Poetry of Susan Budig and John Kimball II


Farewell to Alain Resnais, Groundbreaking Filmmaker

What a Gorgeous Music Video Reveals About Movie-Making

For Art Geeks:  A Symbolist Paints My Psyche

Lucid Dreaming: Surrealism in the Movies

The Magical-Realistic Photography of Patrisha McLean

In Dreamtime, Patrisha McLean’s Flower Girls Blossom

Surrealism: Speaking the Language of Dreams

Artistic Chameleons: The Sinister Minister Underground Theater

Science/Nature Essays:

Why We Become Biologists (Excerpt from “The Signature of All Things)

The Reforestation of New England: A Mixed Blessing


Master of Night (For Cats Everywhere)

Children of the Reef

Ghost of Earth Future

To My Dinosaurs



Magi’s FANTASY CAFE SERIES (34 Chapters):

The Last Drop Cafe (Part 1 with links to the rest of the series).

The Hot Drop Cafe (Part 2)

The First Drop Cafe (Part 3)

The Twin Drop Cafe (Part 4)

The No Drop Cafe  (Part 5)

The Smooth Drop Cafe (Part 6)

The Cold Drop Cafe (Part 7)

The Curry Drop Cafe (Part 8)

The Snow Drop Cafe (Part 9)

The Sea Drop Cafe (Part 10)

The Stone Drop Cafe (Part 11)

The Stormy Drop Cafe (Part 12)

The Sore Drop Cafe (Part 13)

The Space Drop Cafe (Part 14)

The Iron Drop Cafe (Part 15)

The Home Drop Cafe (Part 16)

The Ginseng Drop Cafe (Part 17)

The Electric Drop Cafe (Part 18)

The Petrol Drop Cafe (Part 19)

The Basement Drop Cafe (Part 20)

The Grave Drop Cafe (Part 21)

The Will Drop Cafe (Part 22)

The Saints’ Drop Cafe (Part 23)

The Falling Drop Cafe (Part 24)

The Long Drop Cafe (Part 25)

The Saintly Drop Cafe (Part 26)

The Xmas Drop Cafe: Cheers (Part 27)



A Simple Love Story, With Bread by Mona Dunn

Enraged Pink (Erotica) by AzraelWrites

A Morbid Geography by SpringIronWritings

A Boat, The Moon and Some Ghosts by Mona Dunn (Fairy Tale)

Wonder by Mona Dunn

Shoreline by James Ciriaco (Literary Erotica)

The Day Death Died by Boris Glikman

Wabi Sabi by AutumnDragonfly

Maiden Mother Crone by Corinna Parr

The Woman on a Piano by Brian Henry

Amerika in the Sky by Boris Glikman

Revelata Subterranea by Boris Glikman

The mePhone by Boris Glikman

Her Coffin Was Made From Water (Sci-Fi by Richard Thuss)

Ascent by Laurie Corzett (LibraMoon)

Empathy by Richard Thuss

Poetry Readings/ Video Poems:

Ravishing Light by Brenda Clews

The Sand and the Sea by Rakuli


Albert Ahearn

To Those That Live in a Railroad Town




Max Babi

The Mystical Gardens of Max Babi (3 poems)

John J. Beck

The Hunter


Jupiter, Rise

Stephen Berwaldt:

Taken to Heart (Erotic Poem)

An Uncommon Gift


Stately Stones

I, Crimson (Erotica)

Chris Brockman:

Getting the Drop on Life

Just Dust

One Hundred Percent Natural

Aubade (The Dawn Chorus)

Let There Be Light (Ode to Teachers)

Loves of My Life

The Red Truck

Susan Budig:

Lambing (Triolet)

Mother Earth Chants

Sail Away

The Last Fugue

Robert C. Burnham:

Earth Dawn, Ode to a Biologist 

Tyler Brooks

Fields of Grass

J. Butler

Star Stuff (Poem Excerpt)

Barbary Chaapel

The Fertile Mother

View From a Leeward Shore

What Name, Where Bound


Lunar Spell

Isal de Pasqua (Easter Island)


Into the Ocean We All Go


When Wolves Love

James Ciriaco:

Heels (Erotica)

Cottonwood (Haiku)

Ribs (Tanka)

Hot Sun (Haiku)

Rustle (Haiku)


Hit by Pitch


Standing Wave (Erotica)



To Ann Marcaida, Patron of the Arts

Dan Collins, aka Atticus:

Satori (Haiku)

An Empty House

Desolate Flowers


Severed Moon

Birth of the Rain

Guilt Fish


Waterfowl Season (4 Haiku)


Night Horse

The Butterfly Effect

Orange Bodhi

A Mewling Complaint

The Calculus of Flight

Laurie Corzett (LibraMoon)

Night Blooms

Harvesting Mooonlight

The Enemy

Richard Dankers


Spawning (Haiku)

Mustafa Demiri

The Mynah and the Magnolia Bloom

I Pray it Will Not Break (Chant Poem)

Daisho Tanka

In the Havens of the Lord (Kyrielle

 Luke Dingle (aka Rakuli)

Grow Where You Stand

Christ Does Not Have To Be In Christmas

Assaulted Awake


Oceans of White Noise

Even a Caterpillar Can be Forgiven

One Small Step

Forever more

Schrodinger’s Soul

Peter V. Dugan

Autumn Twilight

Mike Ellwood

Prepare Yourself! (Villanelle)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears of the Apocalypse

Eagle (Golf Poem)


Karen Erdmann

A Winter Cinquain

Tatters: A Cinquain for Autumn

Matt Freeman (aka RaisetheCurve)


Can You Feel It?

Allan E. Gory

Fateful Arrow

Jason Hillenburg

Smoke Smothers

Trusting the Light

Audrey Howitt

A Flower’s Gift

The Salt Witch

A Fish’s Tale

Our Lady of the Pootens

John-Arthur Ingram

The Bathory Witch’s Prayer

Submission (The Blackening)

The Sacrament

The Dark Loves of John-Arthur Ingram (3 poems)

David Jibson (LookingForWisdom)

Imaginary Fish

Protective Coloration

Paxon Kale:

The End Comes Gradually


Her Horse is Bowing to Me

J. I. Keaton:

John Kropf:

A Midwestern Boy Mows the Great Fields of the Republic (Prose Poem)

Michelle Kennedy:


In and Down

John Kimball II

To the Shine

To the Shade

To the Soul

Daddy’s Little Girl

Club Christ

To the First Snow of My Last Winter

God Sweats


Supernova Sunrise

Craig Lawson:

Magical Dancing

Zen Lepidoptery

The Winter Guest

Skiing Alone

Richard Lynn Livesay:

Our Wheel

Cobweb Whispers

Meta-Poet (3 Poems)

Janey M.

Oh to Hear the Stones!

Seán MacFalls (aka Ormond)

Suddenly (Haiku)

Night Odyssey

Body of Ocean, Milk and Sky

Jennifer R. R. Mueller

What Morrow Waits

Sonnet for the Dying

Rose Aeillo Morales


New England at the Brink of Autumn

The Fractal Mystery


David W. Moody

Today I Sold Poison

The Passing of Ray Jarvis

Poem for My 37th Birthday

Clay Human

Jules Nyquist

Pelvis IV

Corinna Parr

Ode to a Happy Man

Like This

Peace, Poet

Kushal Poddar

The Ghost Ship That Arrived in January

At The Premises of the Departed

We See in Black and White


While Sam Changes Our World

Our Dying Logics


Poemas by Pinche


Bhwana Saxena

The Silver Quill

Ratandeep Satwant Singh

Learning to Write, Again

A Romance With Nature

The Timekeeper

Selene Skye



Schrodinger’s Girl

Inside Old Man Rattler

Colliding Worlds

Steven Stone

Pieces of the Sun

Patricia Tsourous

Silence of the Lane

David Wainland

Lullaby on a Pthalo Blue Sea

Erin J. Walker (WalkerWrites)

The Infinite Observer

Becoming and Becoming


Thomas Washington:

Tom, Be Nimble (Free Write)

Deus ex Machina

The Blackmorrow Riding


John F. Walter

Essence of A Thousand and One Nights

Where the Senses Sin

No Wife Tonight

Male, 55, Still Alive, Yearns…

Once Upon a Time in Westworld

The Miracle of San Dimas

Gatzbee’s Bride

Reality or Virtual Reality?  The Poetry of John F. Walter (3 poems)

Minakshi Watts

Love Letter

The Poet in Love


Meeting Mother

In Keylong

Andrew Wells (aka PoetryandInsomnia)

The Miner and the Midinette

Gossamers and Grass

White Blossoms

The London Street

Guy Western

While it Snows

Doug Westberg

Cantare Pater Noster

Dean Martin Wilknott:

On the Wings of Black Vultures

Chance of Showers

In the Park of Charity

Out in the Ironweed


Ache for the Wilderness of Her Breath


Dinosaur Songs

Border Rains

The Social Wisdom of Whales

Spider Woman

The Reluctant Surfer

Darken Their Harvest Suns

Shirtsleeves and Handkerchiefs

The Bossman’s Footfalls

Living With Goldilocks


The Traveler’s Guide

Miss Sapphire

The Soloist

LXVII (Math & Poetry Humor)

My Fractilious Blue Universe

She Owns No Name

The Moon People

For You, The Woods is Full With Silence

Sight Line Home

Poetic Collaborations:

Biogenesis by Corinna Parr & James Ciriaco

Masterstroke by Corinna Parr & James Ciriaco

Colliding Worlds By Selene Skye & Bard Constantine


In Flanders Fields (John McCrae)

The Fish by Marianne Moore

History of the Night by Jorge Luis Borges

Clear Cascades by Basho

A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

The Snowman by Wallace Stevens

The Heaven of Animals by James Dickey

The Dusk of Horses by James Dickey

Fog Envelops the Animals by James Dickey

The Holy Loo by Eliza Griswold

Earth Again by Czeslaw Milosz

Magpiety by Czeslaw Milosz

Traveling Through the Dark by William Stafford

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Crossing by Langston Hughes

Lanyard by Billy Collins

Summer Sun by Robert Louis Stevenson

So I Said I Am Ezra by A.R. Ammons

The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry

Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish

Rain by Edward Thomas

The Moment by Margaret Atwood

The Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke

After Years by Ted Kooser

The Horses Came by Edwin Muir

Diving Into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich

The Diver’s Clothes by Rumi

I Am Not Yours by Sarah Teasdale

Hymn by A. R. Ammons

Do Not Stand by My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Silver by Walter de la Mare

Coromandel Fishers by Sarojini Naidu

Tributes From My Poet Friends:

To Ann Marcaida, Patron of the Arts by James Ciriaco

A Mewling Complaint by Atticus


Morning Has Broken (Traditional; performed by Cat Stevens).

This Land is Your Land (Video; Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger)

Light of the Stable (Emmylou Harris)

In A Winter’s Dream (Bill Kaffenberger)

Song for a Winter’s Night (by Gordon Lightfoot; performed by Tony Flemming)

Roses by David Olney

Black Annis (By Antje Duvekote; performed by Solas)

Chimney Sweep (Greg Brown)

Dirty Boulevard (Lou Reed)

Cradle Song (Traditional Celtic; performed by Karan Casey).

Fountains Flowing (Traditional, performed by June Tabor and Oysterband)

Maybe Sparrow by Neko Case (animated music video)

Fireman by Steve Kilbey

Grand Central Station (911 Tribute) by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Sweet Spot by Antje Duvecote

The Early Days of a Better Nation by Oysterband

Crossing by Langston Hughes (Performed by Kelly Mulhollan)

Cold Missouri Waters

Red Bowl by Krista Detor

The False Night on the Road (Traditional, performed by Oysterband)

Gentle Soldier of My Soul by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammar

The Bone of Song by Josh Ritter

Hal an Tow (For May Day/Beltane) by Oysterband

Wisteria by Richard Shindell

The Good in Me is Dead (For the marathon bombers) by Martyn Joseph

Castaway by Richard Shindell

Desert Dream (Erotica by Kelly Mulhollan).

The Broom o’ Cowdenknowes (Traditional, performed by Silly Wizard).

She Will Not Say by Krista Detor

Meteor City by Joe Purdy

Amid the Falling Snow by Enya

Jim Fryer, Jazz Genius

Did Galileo Pray? by Ellis Paul (Tribute to the convicted Italian Earthquake Scientists).

Grim Cathedral by David Francey (9/11 Tribute)

Artistic Chameleons: The Sinister Minister Underground Theater

Oysterband: The Best British Band You’ve Never Heard!

The Fall of a Poet (Raglan Road) by The Twilight Lords

Battlefield Ghost (In Honor of Memorial Day) by The Church

Of Weeds and Early Religion by JohnSmith

The Last Wild Animal by The Great Lake Swimmers

Sea and Shore as Lovers by The Great Lake Swimmers

Starling Man Celebrates Spring by Josh Ritter

To Join the Pack by Josh Ritter

Tomorrow, Wendy (To the Catholic Church) by Concrete Blonde

Solstice Worship in the Woods by Peter Mayer

Ghosts of the Desert by The Handsome Family


Illustrated Quotes:

Henry Beston, The Outermost House

Praise for Jah (Bob Marley)

For Christopher Johnson McCandless

Wild Geese (Zen Quote)

Blessing for Road-Killed Animals

Thich Nhat Hahn on the Events of September 11


Scientific Fields Arranged by Purity

Dilbert Meet Schrodinger’s Cat


Why We Love Jen Mueller (A modest tribute to Tumblr’s Chief Literature Editor)

Waves of Life (For the Victims of the Connecticut School Shootings)

The Spectral Collage Art of Vanja Trobic

The Liquid World (Photo)


Photo credits: 1. Stock Image  2.  3. What’s the Matter by Nora Sumberg  4. Elizabeth Evans. 5. Poetry Reading by Charles Bukowski  6. Yee Von Chen